Electrifying Change: Veterans Embrace a New Era of Inclusivity with Electrolysis

A New Dawn in Veteran Care

Imagine if every veteran receives the care they deserve, tailored to their unique journey. That world is now a step closer to reality with the inclusion of HI SIS in Community Care for veterans, providing access to electrolysis. This development marks a significant stride in acknowledging and addressing the diverse needs of our veterans. What makes this development even more remarkable is that HI SIS stands as the first and only organization in Hawaii to offer this specialized care, filling a crucial gap in veteran healthcare services in the region. This initiative not only recognizes the unique challenges faced by veterans, especially those from the transgender community, but also actively provides a solution.

The significance of HI SIS’s role cannot be overstated. For many veterans in Hawaii, accessing specialized treatments like electrolysis was a challenge, often involving long travels or facing the uncertainty of unavailability. With the addition of HI SIS, veterans now have a local, reliable, and understanding provider. This not only makes the treatment more accessible but also ensures that it is delivered in an environment that is culturally sensitive and deeply respectful of the veterans’ service and personal journeys.

Dedicated to Veterans’ Well-being

For HI SIS, serving veterans is more than a duty; it’s an obligation. We recognize that veterans have given a significant part of their lives in service to the nation, often facing unique challenges upon their return to civilian life. However, when veterans return to civilian life they are promised healthcare, among other things. HI SIS’s role in providing electrolysis to transgender veterans, is a crucial step in supporting their journey towards self-acceptance and comfort in their identity.

If you are a veteran and need services, please reach out to your primary care provider for a referral or contact the LGBTQ+ Care Coordinator at the VA for assistance.

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